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History of Temple

Kalasheshwaraswamy Temple situated at Mudigere taluk, is a Historical place in India. It stands on bhadra river. sylvan riluation attracted for all devotees and pilgrims forest also one of ablation Area.

Scanda puran gives various description in tungabadrakanda , kalasa is considered as Dhakshinakashi. sage Agastya is main cause for kalasa.

Two devotees mitra & varuna were conducting tapas devendra afraid of this tapas devendra sent urvasi a fair lady. Mitra & varuna attracted by fair lady. They respondend by their dance. They spread lust drops in a pot ‘kumba’ Agastya born in kalasa.

Sage Agastya prayed and worshiped with saired flowers and payasam milk. God paraSiva became happy and appeared in front of sage agastya and given gift to him and named as kalasheshwara.

Historical source.

There are somany shasans and Ediats According to some Extent. sanctuary (garbagudi) constructed by vidharba king shrutha bindu later on keladi and Huncha region Respondend this place Again. The Reign change into karkala kings. Somashekhar nayaka given (provided golden eroun) According to some Inscription of 1154-1157 some villages provided to kalasheshwara worships. Maharaja of mysore contribuled silver door to kalasheshwara temple. It is corved in many working skill.